2018 Paddling Reel

The Best Paddling Reel of 2018

There is nothing like closing the year doing our favorite activities, Matthew Hall, brings us a summary of his best paddled of the year. The beauty of flatwater kayaking is the freedom to explore anywhere ...

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Primbee Speed Windsurfing II 4K HD

Speed Windsurfing at Primbee

Speed may be nothing but a number – but when it’s approaching 100kph on a windsurfing board it’s the kind of numbers no one has ever seen before. The French windsurf legend Antoine Albeau obtained ...

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Wakeskater Gets Towed By A Drone

Brian Grubb Gets Towed By A Drone

The wakeskate champion, Brian Grubb, used to drone equipped with a battery as powerful as smartphones put together, to ride down the Sava Bohinjka River, in Slovenia. Brian Grubb is unstoppable, followed by the RedBull ...

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Screenshotter KitesurfThisIsBrazil 0’46”

A Paradise for Kitesurfers

When kitesurfing began, the places in which they sailed were those spots where windsurfing was already practiced. Little by little, when kitesurfing became popular, spots began to appear exclusively of kitesurfing, in which only people ...

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Screenshotter AWStheDocumentaryITylerHighamFullPartonVimeo 1’13”

Tyler Higham at AWS Documentary

Active Water Sports, founded in 1982, is the largest wakeboard and waterski shop in the Pacific Northwest with two shops in Oregon City and Beaverton, and a ski school at Koppert Lake. In addition to ...

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