WORLDS FIRST TANDEM WAKEBOARD We made a wakeboard for two people The Peacock Brothers

Building a Tandem Wakeboard

This guys built the world’s first tandem Wakeboard, or at least they think so! Over the past few weeks they decided to try and build what they believe to be the worlds first tandem wakeboard. ...

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An old man surfing in Margaret River On a Sunday Morning

Age is a state of mind

With increased life expectancy and healthier lifestyles becoming more commonplace, learning to surf when you’re older is a smart decision. Surfing is not a sport exclusive to the young, athletic, and tanned. It’s enjoyed by ...

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Windsurfing in Canos

Windsurfing in Caños de Meca

For the extreme lovers, there is never a season, it will always be summer or at least warm somewhere in the world, or you may simply enjoy practicing your favorite sport under the inclemency of ...

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