Primbee Speed Windsurfing II 4K HD

Speed Windsurfing at Primbee

Speed may be nothing but a number – but when it’s approaching 100kph on a windsurfing board it’s the kind of numbers no one has ever seen before. The French windsurf legend Antoine Albeau obtained ...

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Screenshotter ThebestofWindsurfing2018HDEpisode12 1’21”

5 Reasons To Windsurfing

Why should I windsurf? Just for fun! There are heaps of reasons why I would say that windsurfing is the best sport ever. All you have to do is ask any windsurfer “Why windsurfing?” and ...

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Screenshotter WINDSURFGRANDSLAM2018Day1 1’42”

Windsurf Grand Slam 2018

Grand Slam is the most important Windsurf event in Italy. More than 100 athletes in the race will play the four national championships. The event is held thanks to the Italian Windsurfing Association (AICW) in ...

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Windsurfing all over San Diego!

 One of the great attractions of the state of California is its paradisiacal beaches. Many tourists who have known them return year after year to enjoy them. Discover the fastest sailing water sport that ...

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