Windsurfing all over San Diego!

One of the great attractions of the state of California is its paradisiacal beaches. Many tourists who have known them return year after year to enjoy them.

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Discover the fastest sailing water sport that exists. A fabulous experience of adrenaline, speed and fun, waiting for you in Los Cabos. Windsurfing provides good exercise for the body and relaxation for the mind while allowing you to explore the marine territory of Baja California in a very exciting and sporty way.

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In Baja California, you will find tours to the best destinations to do this activity in the surroundings of Los Cabos. In addition they also have classes available all year round on different beaches, depending on the season. You can receive courses of this wonderful sport with excellent professionals who will give you a personalized attention, guaranteeing your safety and providing you with all the techniques, methods and instructions that will teach you theoretically and practically from the base so you can get to know the sport perfectly.

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You can rent the equipment to slide on the turquoise blue sea, move freely and dominate the wind. It is worth mentioning that the wind is a factor for windsurfing, so it is recommended to visit Baja California in the summer months (November to March), where the wind is ideal for fun to the fullest.

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If you consider yourself a lover of waves and surfboard and look for information on the best beaches to surf in California, we recommend visiting the beaches of San Diego so you can enjoy these natural wonders. Starting with Coronado Beach, one of the best beaches in the United States. Its landscape is postcard and is in the area of Coronado. It is surrounded by beautiful mansions that show the elegance of the area. Nearby is the Hotel Del Coronado, one of the largest and oldest in North America. This beautiful beach is located on Coronado Island but it is not as touristy as the other beaches of the city of San Diego, since to get to it you have to cross the San Diego Bay bridge by car or ferry. Coronado Beach is an open shore with blue waters ideal to spend a morning. This beach is a good place to go whale watching during the months of January to March, since it is the open sea.

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Another opportunity to enjoy San Diego is in Mission Bay, an ideal place to come with the whole family. With more than 30 kilometers of beach. Besides being able to sunbathe and take a dip, in Mission Bay you will also find other attractions. If you prefer to stroll peacefully along the promenade we recommend Pacific Beach, which has a walk of more than six kilometers. Along the way you will find restaurants, as well as street artists that will give you the exoticism that lives in the best beaches of the coast of California.

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Jolla Beach is probably the best place to find the most beautiful coves in California. Another of the great beaches of San Diego, Jolla Cove is one of the smallest beaches that exist on the southern coast of California. Curiously, the area where it is located is one of the ones with the greatest history of the city. The natural scenery that surrounds it is fantastic, with art galleries, large mansions and spectacular views. If you pass through San Diego we advise you to get closer to this shore, since it is a place that offers tranquility, sun and beautiful landscapes.

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Ocean Beach is located in the heart of San Diego beach life. It has the longest pier on the west coast and an ideal port to go fishing and also does not require a license. In Ocean Beach it is allowed to bring pets, that is, if you plan to go hiking with your dogs, this is the ideal place to enjoy a bath with the hairy ones and go to eat in a bar on the shore.

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Finally we recommend Solana Beach, with large sand cliffs to enjoy some fascinating sunsets. To go down to the beach there are some long stairs, although perhaps the best thing to do here is to contemplate the wonderful views.

Any of these San Diego beaches will leave you happy and you will live a different experience. The exoticism of the beaches of California is something you will probably not be used to. It is worth giving yourself a whim and getting to know them and enjoy an adventure sport on the beaches of the region, which will allow you to know the speed of the sea and the wind, while having a great time.

Don’t miss the opportunity to spend an incredible vacation full of adrenaline; it will be a fantastic experience.

Windsurfing all over San Diego!
Windsurfing all over San Diego!

If you consider yourself a lover of waves and surfboard and look for information on the best beaches to surf in California, we recommend visiting the beaches of San Diego so you can enjoy these natural wonders.

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