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We often hear people say that ‘the lakes aren’t good enough’, or ‘it’s not consistent enough to bother surfing. Those statements, confirm why more people are surfing in more places on the Lakes than ever before – even in winter. Though different in some ways to surfing on the ocean, Lake surfing is as real and fun as surfing anywhere.

Managed by Hannes Schrot, the shaft was designed in cooperation with the Technical University of Munich. All engineers involved were experienced surfers. The shaft has a total width of 8 meters, 12 pumps are running at the same time, setting the second in motion with 15,000 liters of water. The power consumption is 350 kwh. The shaft size can be adjusted between 1.10m and 1.60m via ballast tanks.

Waves are caused by the transfer of energy from wind blowing over the surface of water. Whereas ocean waves are primarily created by offshore storms far from the beach, waves on the Lakes are produced by localized winds associated with various weather systems in and near the Great Lakes region.

If you only surf in the ocean two weeks out of the year, you’re unlikely to improve much. Your time spent on vacation will be mostly getting back on the board, shaking the rust off and trying to get in shape.


On the other hand, if you take advantage of the world’s first UNIT Surf Pool you’ll keep fairly fit and be able to make progress during your ocean surf trips. Thanks to its water depth it can be surfed with common surfboards. This will feed into your progression and stoke and ultimately lead to a healthier, happier life.

World’s first standing deepwater wave on a lake guarantees real open air surfing in natural environment – in the middle of Germany, at any time! Compared to other standing waves, the experience of nature is much more intense: under the open sky and in the middle of the lake you can surf a never-ending wave.

In the area of the beginner coaching we go down the wave to the lowest height, also the wave flattens out a bit, the wave has less pressure and so the surf beginners can get used to the wave very well. In the advanced sessions the wave is set a little steeper, the third stage is then really very powerful and exclusively intended for experienced surfers.

Every German surfer has heard about the artificial surf wave in Langenfeld. No matter if you are young or old, if beginner or skilled surfer – the Surf Langenfeld wave offers real surfing just as in the sea.

Enjoy a little lakesurfing in Langefeld, Germany from the surfer Tom the Cat. Great control and happy vibes all around.
You don’t need the ocean to surf.

Langefeld Surfing

Enjoy a little lakesurfing in Langefeld, Germany from the surfer Tom the Cat. Great control and happy vibes all around. You don't need the ocean to surf.

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