Kayaking 2011 TEVA Mountain Games – Steep Creek Kayak Run

Shot 100% on the HD HERO® camera from GoPro®.
Charge down one of the most rugged creeks in the country with Nick Troutman. Steep Creek Kayak race at the 2011 Teva Mountain Games in Vail, CO.

Music: “Timber and Wood” – Xavier Rudd
Buy on iTunes: http://goo.gl/L18pR

68 thoughts on “Kayaking 2011 TEVA Mountain Games – Steep Creek Kayak Run
  1. YEZZZZ Finally a kayak video!! nice 😀

  2. I’d die.

  3. wow kayaking, FTW! Could any one tell me how hard that was? Just wandering as it didn’t look too hard, but defo made a good watching.

  4. that was pretty intensive :p

  5. Awsome transitions when the cam goes under water and comes back out from a different angle. Very cool!

  6. @martinovergaard9765 well thats crushed my dreams 😀

  7. more kayaking plz

  8. Internet hoolie 2.0

    not extreme enough

  9. Do a BMX one!

  10. basejumping would be cool to see 😀 But probably a little bit illegal :p

  11. his is exciting..

  12. @pro728 you wrote your comment 3 times dude. And your mom looks like a video game from behind.

  13. YES KAYAKING! this is great!

  14. rowing video please

  15. needs music but pretty good otherwise

  16. From that view it doesnt look too hard, however I would imagine it is…

  17. @GoProCamera you guys need to put up some longboarding vids

  18. time for longboarding go pro!

  19. nice music! I love playing didgeridoo!

  20. 240p all the way.

  21. White people, you crazy!

  22. More people should kayak, its so much fun and a great way to enjoy scenery.

  23. do an army fire fight video!!!

  24. @lixbeyond 3d sucks

  25. do no stupit motersport anny more

  26. where’s the music?

  27. amazing

  28. Music with this would be much better.

  29. THUMBS UP if you are the 6 439 viewer 😀

  30. Looks like a beer jacuzzi! 😀

  31. @CrackDeckFingerSkate Women’s* beach volleyball!!

  32. I was there!!!!

  33. nice boofs!

  34. chuck norris pissed into the river..:D

  35. One of the best GoPro videos yet!

  36. Can anyone tell me witch brand is his Kayak …. Thx ! 🙂

  37. I never realized the races where so long!!!! That looked like so much fun.

    – JER “Canadian Vlogger”

  38. @anthodirtjump its a jackson 🙂

  39. @lixbeyond yes indeed xd

  40. nice!

  41. @CrackDeckFingerSkate forgot to add “women” 😀


  43. @DanZgoulding Thx! 🙂 And do you know if they make good whitewater Kayak for… beginner like me hehe 🙂

  44. @anthodirtjump hehee there are very good :’) thing is when buying a kayak go to a shop and sit in them, find one that suites you will spend alot of time stiing in it! so sit in a few find what suits you best, just be really picky, with your hard earned cash 😀

  45. nice rapids

  46. @DanZgoulding thx a lot it’s really appreciated..!! 🙂 I guess that that’s what I’m going to do haha! Thx again dude 😀 😀

  47. GoProCamera anything for gaming? one that shows your facial expressions and one the gameplay

  48. Jonathan Brown Gilbert

    This video is great but it could use some music.

  49. @FourRingVDubber definitely saw the same comment like 2 times 🙁

  50. @MorraNfff hey bud this is an ACTION SPORTS helmet camera. no need for a .3 death lens for facial expressions when you can just point a regular camera at your face, and also just use a flash card..it would look horrible using a wide angle lens trying to capture games on the t.v. not hating on games, still play them sometimes, but GoPro isn’t for that..MAYBE at a Gaming championship convention or competition but..other than that you can just use a regular camera and a flash card.

  51. A question.
    Why I cannot see his face clearly even in the Full HD version of the video?
    The camera is just a few feet from his face.
    Is it to much sun?

  52. lol when the camera comes back up from the water, i keep thinking the red is blood cause of the boat color

  53. 2:08 he looks like a retard

  54. 0:45 My brothers arived and say what is the name of this vidéo game ? LOL

  55. Dustin Lesmeister

    @THExITALIANxMAFIA landyachtz does most of there videos with GoPros

  56. @tubby92288 that’s a sign you watch too many bloody movies ahaaha

  57. @BadeAndenB they have one going down the mega ramp. its cool 😛

  58. how’d i get from gaben to this?

  59. Im gonna GoPro

  60. I just came here for the awesome vids….

  61. Thumbs up if u watched this in 1080p + fullscreen !

  62. 9 people aren’t waterproof

  63. @station10444 i think its blurred out for some reason

  64. This video just makes you realise how much you need a GoPro…!

  65. What mount is on the back of his boat?

  66. He was fuckin haulin ass. Prolly like 15 20 mph off the rip

  67. What is the camera mount for the camera on the back of the boat? Does it have a gimbal? Thanks for the cool ride!

  68. check out my gopro videos: channel: Marty Czech

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