Ranking of The Best Surfers of 2017


All the surfers of this generation are giving their best to win the world title. Doing a review, today, we bring you the list of the best surfers of 2017, we will see who leads the ranking this year, and is that the world league is “on fire”

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John John Florence

This Hawaiian was world champion in 2016, and At 25, Florence becomes the first surfer, since the late Andy Irons (HAW), to successfully defend his first world title, repeating his feat in December 2017 where he conquered his second World Surf League (WSL) title at the Billabong Pipe Masters in Hawaii.

“It has been my dream to win here at home, this event has been an accumulation of nerves, I just do not know what to say, I am shaking, many people have been supporting me this year and it has been incredible, it has been an incredible year and I am very happy! “commented the newly crowned world champion.

Very attentive to his career because he can make a place in the ranking of best surfers in history if he continues on this path.

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Jordy Smith

This 30-year-old South African made his debut in the ASP World Tour in 2007, where he still remains after qualifying in that year since the WQS (World Qualifying Series). He is in second place in the world ranking after having won the mythical Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach test. Although it will be difficult to overcome John John Florence everything indicates that this year will be a very close competition.

Back at pipe ? @corey_wilson @ripcurl_aus @monsterenergy @dragonalliance @kustomfootwear @jsindustries1 @ocean_earth79

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Owen Wright

The morning before the start of the Pipeline competition, the Australian was trapped inside a wave and several series of closely packed waves were falling on him.

Once he managed to get to shore, he felt dizzy, as time went by his condition did not improve, he was visibly disoriented and having difficulty breathing so they decided to call an ambulance to take him to the hospital for a recognition. According to the part issued by the Queens Hospital of Kahuku, the raider Owen Wright, presented a severe concussion, therefore could not participate in the competition in the Pipe Masters

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Adriano de Souza

He started surfing at 8 years old. In 2003 he was proclaimed world champion of the Billabong Junior World Championships and in 2005 he won the world title, he is the only Brazilian who manages to reach this ranking. Adriano has been surfing since he was 8 years old, and this year he is among the best 4 surfers in the world.

GO the GOAT! Nick Foles dont surf! Win for Dusty! Lets get this guy on a Mayhem next time. #witnessgreatness @tombrady

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Kolohe Andino

This name sneaks into the top positions of the world ranking for the first time, although if we investigate more closely we can see that it is not surprising that it is among the best surfers in the world since it comes from a family of surfers, its father, Andean Dido, already competed in world events. This surfer, Californian, began surfing at age 10, and holds the record for the most National Scholastic Surfing Association championships won by a male competitor has everything to succeed in the WSL.


Now that you have seen the list of male Surfers, do you want to know the Top 5 of the most impressive female surfers of 2017? We anticipate that for the moment the Australians and the Americans take the top positions in the world ranking, we will see who they are.

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Stephanie Gilmore

Stephanie Gilmore, appears again leading the ranking of the best surfers in the world. With her career, it is possible that this year he will again take the world title.

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Sally Fitzgibbons

Already in the year 2005 Fitzgibbons stood out in the Juniors category, for the 2007 she traveled to Portugal for the ISA Under-18 world titles to win her first world title. In 2008, she was crowned world champion in the Billabong ASP World Tour Title U21 and the World Title of the ISA World Games Open Title. Sally is in second place in the world after winning the Margaret River Pro.

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Tyler Wright

Tyler is unafraid of going against the tide and this year, Owen’s sister struggles to revalidate her title and is in the top 3 this season.

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Courtney Conlogue

She was on the verge of victory last year, this 24-year-old American is in 4th place in the world ranking ready to climb positions before the end of the world championship.

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Lakey Peterson

After the injuries of last season, Lakey joined the championship mid-year, already fully recovered, and willing to prove their worth and go climbing positions in the ranking.

What do you think of this list? Do not worry if we have left out that surfer that makes you tremble with emotion every time you see him in the water and tell us who is for you the best surfer of this generation ?


World's best surfing 2017

All the surfers of this generation are giving their best to win the world title. Doing a review, today, we bring you the list of the best surfers of 2017, we will see who leads the ranking this year, and is that the world league is "on fire"

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