Taranaki Windsurfing Wave Classic 2018

Following a long history of events held in Taranaki, the Taranaki Wave Classic continue to put the emphasis on fun.

The organisers did a brilliant job of organising the event but could not control the wind – but despite the lack of this essential component a great weekend was had by all. Over 80 windsurfers from as far away as Dunedin spent the weekend floating around on their biggest windsurfers or stand-up paddling (SUP), a popular alternative for windless windsurfers.

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The early part of the week started with decent westerly breezes and a small swell, that could almost [somewhat unkindly] have been described as ‘chop’. Plenty of sailors got out on the water at Waitara to enjoy some fun blasting and jumping conditions, while Weld Rd and the beach at Oakura had some slightly larger bumps to ride, as long as you kept one eye fixed closely on the rocks.

As the lead-up week wore on the swell size increased, and coordinated with a decent south-east breeze on Thursday to provide some fun size conditions at Pungarehu, for locals and visitors alike. Waves about head-high were perfect for the sailors to get the feel for Pungarehu and push their limits.

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Overnight the swell increased a little more and combined with a longer period delivered some great waves on Friday, at both of Kina Road’s North and South breaks. The weather forecast was spot on and a light northerly breeze was just strong enough to enable a serious crew of TWC frothers to get on the water and catch some really fun rides; with any luck the sun was out, the water had warmed up a touch and the waves were firing.

The event was an Expression Session format, where competitors free-sailed in whatever conditions occur at the chosen location for that day. There were no heats, no man on man elimination and no stress. The top 10 riders were selected for a super session.

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The emphasis at this event is about participation, so as long as you can look after yourself on the water you don’t have to be able to loop or carve – there will be opportunities to talk to the guns, and there are ‘introduction to wavesailing’ clinics held at the beach. The social side is great, the prizes are awesome (and they are spot prizes) and the opportunities to see great sailing, get great photos and meet great people make it worth the trip.

The event counted with the supported by the various sponsors such as Rodgers Dental, Carbon Art and several windsurfing and local businesses. Spot prizes on the evening included a brand new Carbon Art board, sails from Gaastra and KA, a wetsuit from 7th Wave and other goodies totalling over $7000. Each day featured a BBQ and ‘workshops’ where the experts shared their tips and answered questions. The party on the last night was well attended by sailors and their families.

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Congratulations to the Taranaki guys for another great event for everyone, not just the hard core! Roll on next year.

Don’t miss this fun compilation of the Taranaki Wave Classic 2018

Taranaki Windsurfing Wave Classic 2018
Taranaki Windsurfing Wave Classic 2018

Following a long history of events held in Taranaki, the Taranaki Wave Classic continue to put the emphasis on fun.

Meisabel Laversa
Meisabel Laversa is a ful-time writer on Aqua Sports TV
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    Great vid. Very light winds though – make no mistake Taranaki goes off!! James and the Carbon Art crew made this place the best and most enjoyable place I have ever windsurfed. Look forward to returning someday.

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    Nice one!

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    Awesome work Paul ! Hope to see you back here next year

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    matching wind-surf and waves with a perfect dreaming fusion, Bro ! Many thanks !

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    HAAAA HAA!! My first laugh today after a stressful day at work. Thankyou!

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    brilliant. so well done. fat Freddy’s great to see them in here. thanks

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    Lol, excellent ! Keep it up Mister

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    Great video. Cool music.

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    Chuck Norris is the man… Sharp shooter mate… Excellent video.

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    I love this channel where you just request a video of your favourite spot/event and a few weeks later it shows up in your feed 😉

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    As always Paul, quality work. Entertaining video with a cracking backing track.

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      Anthony Wills ok glad it’s ok mate… at least we have some special memories ha ha

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      Paul, I still have the mylar tape on both sides of the tear. Seems to be holding it fine however I do have some Patrik logo stickers coming soon for all of my sails. This will mask it quite well. Keep up the great work buddy!

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      Anthony Wills thanks mate! How did you fix your sail?

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    Another great one. Amazing how you make it look like you have 2 camera angles ! Or do you ? Do you fly the drone from ashore or a boat ? Looks like it has amazing range if you’re ashore !

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      Olivier Magere thanks! I only have 1 camera just spliced 2 different waves together. I fly the drone from land, I can fly a few kms away from shore if I want.

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    Great location and photography, but destroyed by idiotic editing.

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    Still amazing and so creative, again! You gave me an awesome break time this morning,. Already looking forward to the next edit.

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    The best memories of this place, Kkina Rd and hanging in nz generally! Ditch the rigs and break out surfboards, even spotted an aerial shot of the beautiful koomra patch… What a wave

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    Awesome vid. Getting better and better. Keep it up!! Rgds from Spain.

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    Fantastic shots. Are you professional video operator or photografer?

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    Awesome guys, hahah , it’s on our FB pag e

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    Epic drone flying, sweet tunes, best yet?

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    Very cool! Our season is coming to an end here in Oregon, its gorgeous there!

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    Laughed my ass out, I hate that long walking on rocks though, awesome music. Thanks!!!

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    Absolutely outstanding production, very entertaining well done Paul

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    Read about taranaki many years ago.. maybe i make it over there some day. Hi from the baltic sea/germany

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    Absolutely awesome Guys! Ok Wind! Good Waves! Fantastic music and creativity!!!

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