Kelly Slater still rocks at 46

One week ago took place the Founder’s Cup of Surfing in Leemore, California, United States. This special event was held at Surf Ranch.
Surf Ranch is not a beach and is located 175 kilometers far from the ocean. You’re probably asking yourself how is it possible so let’s go a little bit deeper on it.




Kelly Slater and a fluid mechanics specialist have teamed up to transform a farm country in a surfing pool. At the beginning they created a 700-meter-long artificial lake and then they added a system that drags a carefully shaped metal blade called “hydrofoil” through the water. When the resulting swell sweeps over the lakebed, contoured in detail with the help of supercomputers, it transforms into a surfing wave of unearthly perfection. It seems that finally they found the perfect wave, the one that the two globetrotting surfers in the documentary “ The Endless Summer” was looking for. On last september pro surfers came to test this artificial spot, still not open to the public, to prove if Surf Ranch can be a competition venue for the World Surf League’s Championship tour. One of the pro surfers, Adrian Buchan said that surfing at Surf Ranch is an experience second to none. Kelly Slater founded the Kelly Slater Wave Company in order to start this huge project that took 10 years to be developed and it is still considered a working prototype.
At Surf Ranch there is a wave created approximately every 4 minutes, which allows the pool to smooth off after the previous run. A ride will last for 45 seconds if you complete it and you’ll have the opportunity to have the longest tube time ever on a wave.




So last week there was the first event held in this unique place. And Kelly Slater proved his strenght immediately on the first run.

Cattura 28



Kelly Slater is the most famous surfer and he is a real legend. He is the only one that that won the World Surf League title eleven times, of which five consecutives (1994-1998). He made also another record: he is the youngest (at age of 20) and in the same time the oldest (at age of 39) to win the title. Since 1990 Slater had been sponsored primarily by surfwear industry giant Quiksilver until 2014 when he started to collaborate with fashion brand conglomerate Kering. He is also an advocate of a sustainable and clean living lifestyle. In collaboration with Kering he created the eco-friendly and sustainable apparel company “outerknown”.

The Founders Cup at Surf Beach features five teams USA, Brazil, Australia, Europe and World. Kelly Slater surfed amazingly and score 8.80 on his left and 8.47 on his right. Thanks to this performance the american team reached the top spot after the first run. Surf Ranch seems to be a great success and here the surfers cannot complain about the lack of perfect waves. But what about the beautiful unpredictability of the ocean?

Kelly Slater still rocks at 46
Kelly Slater still rocks at 46

One week ago took place the Founder’s Cup of Surfing in Leemore, California, United States. This special event was held at Surf Ranch. Surf Ranch is not a beach and is located 175 kilometers far from the ocean. You’re probably asking yourself how is it possible so let’s go a little bit deeper on it.

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20 thoughts on “Kelly Slater still rocks at 46
  1. smelly kelly. chinawire surfboards

  2. surfing has become so fucking lame, what a bunch of bullshit, this isnt surfing, surfing has no soul anymore, just another corporation with a bunch of big egos

  3. Give me a break. Any surfer’s Fantasy wave and so many haters… jealous o what

  4. Kelly slater came, saw, conquered, then fucked surfing… boring boring,

  5. Wandering Squire

    How can people be calling this boring it’s a little predictable but fuck me it’s a man made wave with real power this is amazing wait till they make a bigger one , imagine they can build one anywhere they like give surfing to the world perfect barrels all day ,I had dreams about this when I was a kid , but no some people just can’t be pleased have to put shit on it why not blame Donald Trump or Kanye west god I hate this narcissistic safe space generation , wish I had a wave pool so I could get barrels all day and forget about the world

    • wandering, i don’t get how anyone can get bored in life, there’s too much to do, so many things to explore and enjoy and participate in. there will always be haters for anything on this planet, the for’s and against’s, it’s just part of the human psyche at this stage. no wonder the planet is in such a state, no one can get along or allow others to do their own thing, without coming down on them. what kelly has done here, over a 10 year period mind you, is nothing short of amazing. perhaps the haters should try the wave before passing any judgement on it, which is the mature way to do things. cheers, and let’s go share a couple of surf ranch’ waves 😉

    • Wandering Squire

      Spot on champ , I can only dream about the surf ranch right now big props to you for posting this I’m the same age as Kelly watched his whole career a good friend of mine beat him in the coke classic many years ago in the final I was there Shane herring he has a little film called journey on brother surfing really owes so much to Kelly slater amazing athlete and human being

  6. How about some 20 foot waves?

  7. Gets kind of boring doing the same old thing doesn’t it?

  8. Hey NO one should deny that it is an amazing invention and the wave is a blast to ride! But as an event it is a bore. If you hold the event again in 6 months it would looks the same. The wave is just too PERFECT for competition.

    • Y Pure, the pro’s had some difficulty completing rides, so the challenge is there, and surf ranch can dial up the wave, so i doubt they will have the same ‘settings’ each round. anyway, come sept 06 we will all get to see how it shapes up for competition. it will be interesting to see what format they use, as it is completely different to a 30 minute ocean heat, where waves are approx 4 minutes apart to let the pool smooth off again.

    • Yes,,we will see i guess. Always open to new ideas. So i will be positive. But the commentating is so stiff these days. The main thing i dont enjoy anymore.

  9. Welcome back “3 to the beach”, airs this time. The commentary is lost until an air. It looked heaps better when the first clips emerged, zero wind. Doesn’t allow man turns and airs look difficult.

  10. the most awkward set of high fives at 3:39 that i’ve ever seen!

  11. The wave I recon will get boring for kelly. Overrated. I see waves with soul and surprise every day. Sorry but I compare it with virtual reality. It’s not real.

  12. I forgot how the regular footers surf backside

  13. Listen all you fucking idiots, 46 is young, especially if you treat yourself halfway decent…I am now 50, and I’ll fuck you up.

  14. 0:30 for Lakey’s magnificent ass.

  15. Wave riding … not surfing

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